Ron Bennet

One of the biggest factors in my buying decisions is trader support. Despina Trading has provided us great service after the sale, so we’ve continued to work with them from sales and service standpoints. They take good care of us and they have quality products.”

Matt Andolina

“We count on Despina Trading FZE for raw materials, and they’ve done a good job providing the ontime delivery, we need to be successful. We’ve been working with Despina Trading FZE for past few years, and I’d definitely say they’ve helped us grow.”

Shawn J. Peters

Everybody at Despina Trading is great to work with. Parts, service, management – they all go out of their way to keep us up and running, and we appreciate it.”

Chris Selbert

"Despina Trading does an excellent job of making sure the equipment we buy suits our needs. They service us quickly if we need it, and they have parts readily available. We've built a great relationship."